Sanjeevani Aarogya Mandir (SAM)
7. July, 2013Health Initiatives Comments Off on Sanjeevani Aarogya Mandir (SAM)

Sanjeevani Arogya Mandir, SSM’s health department runs Champaben Nanalal Hospital, for the 4000 odd students including hostellers and day scholars. The 12 bed hospital has two resident medical officers – one of them is a child specialist – and nursing and support staff.
Besides, providing health care service to the students, SAM also partners with the local PHC in the health & hygiene enhancement and awareness drives such as Pulse Polio. SAM also facilitates diagnostic treatment and operation camps on and off the campus partnering with other organisations.
In addition to this, it has also directly implemented health and family welfare projects with a focus on rural women and adolescent girls such as, SAATHI, Mini family welfare, etc impacting surrounding 20 villages with 4000 families.

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