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Providing equal opportunity to rural athletes…

‘Sagroli Sunrise’ is a professionally designed sports project started by SSM in 2004. Given an opportunity, the rural y

outh can scale great heights of achievement in sports and bring laurels to the nation. Under the project, 45 handpicked young athletes are given rigorous training by professional trainers every day. The athletes aim to participate in the national and international marathons to prove their mettle from time to time. It is also ensured that they continue their interest in athletics as a career option even after their education at SSM. Mr. Carlton Pareira, philanthropist and sports lover, suppor


ts to run the project and give exposure t



o the rural potential. The Salary of the Coach and Diet for athletes was provided with the support of Eclerx India Pvt. Ltd and Give India.

An objective of the Project is to provide an equal platform to the rural athletes to choose sports as a career op

tion and have a bright

  • Giving professional & rigorous Training to  young  Athletes by Expert
  • To avail an opportunity to the Athletes  to participate at National & international level  sports competition
  • Provide Sport as a Career option even after the completion of education at SSM.


  1. Daily workout to Increase Physical Endurance
  2. Strengthen Mental and Spiritual capacity
  3. Balanced Diet and Nutrition
  4. Professional Coaching and Expert visits
  5. Exposure and Motivation
  6. Participation in various events

We provided professional coaching, Diet and exposure to the athletes. The athletes participated in various events from district-level school events to national level professional events and performed well. The athletes participated in the National events like Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and TCS Bangalore Marathon and school level events in the year and gave the best timings.

Diet to the athletes: A balanced diet, food supplements, and standard sports material were provided during the training. In order to maintain their energy levels, we provide a very healthy and hygienic diet such as Soya milk, Daliya,

Eggs, Soaked Pulses twice a day.

New Enrollment to Sunrise Sports Project: A selection camp for 6 days was organized in June 2017 to pick up high potential youth for the project. Total 65 aspirants participated in the process from Nanded district. Through a series of tough competitions, a dynamic 15 athletes were selected finally.

Sports Camp at Panchgani: Mr. Carlton Pereira organized a sports camp at Panchgani, Dist. Satara during 15/10/2017 to 30/10/2017 with an aim to improve the performance of the athletes as well as the project coach.

Totally 19 athletes and 3 coaches have participated in the camp. Mr. Keith and Mr. Malcom, well-known athletes and coach from London facilitated the camp.

Selection Test by Gail India: A district-level ‘speed star test’ was organized by the Gail India to select athletes to take part in Tokyo Olympic 2020. The project athlete Lakshman Kuttabje got selected for the regional level test.

Parents’ Meet: A parents’ meeting was called on 26th Feb 2018 to discuss athletes’ progress, future plan, diet, achievements, and motivation. It was a very fruitful meeting, parents were very happy to see the progress.

Health Checkup:

Sagroli Sunrise Project Achievement year 2017-18


Event Name Date Athlete Name
Category Event Timing (H:MM: SS)


1 State Level School game, Nagpur 24-29 Oct 2017 Nagnath Nagarwad 17 Years 5000m Wk 25.52 4
Komal Paddamwar 18 Years 5000m Wk 32.53 5
Sulbha chikane 18 Years 3000 M 12.47 5
Hanumant Kadam 18 Years 800 M 2.09 4
2 YMCA Mumbai, Mumbai 15-18 Nov 2017 Maroti Jadhav Open/Men 800 M 2. 03 3
Maroti Jadhav Open/Men 1500 M 4.19 3
Hanumant Kadam 18  Years 800 M 2.04 2
Hanumant Kadam 18  Years 800 M 2.04 2
3 SRTM University, Nanded, Dapoli 28-Nov-17 Maroti Jadhav Open/Men 1500 M 4.09 6
Bharthi Dudhe Open/Men 5000 M 18.26 5
Arthi Dudhe Open/Men 5000 M 19.49 7
4 All India University Level, Guntur 12-Dec-17 Maroti Jadhav Open/Women 800 M 2.00 6
5 Mumbai Marathon, Mumbai 21-Jan-18 Barthi Dudhe Open/Women 21 KM 1.34.21 6
Arthi Dudhe Open/Men 21 KM 1.36.21 7
Arjun Pekmawar Open/Men 21 KM 1.24.39 27
Anil Tarphewad Open/Men 21 KM 1.25.57 29


TATA Mumbai Marathon – 2019

We participated in TATA Mumbai Marathon on 20th January 2019 with 5 senior athletes of the Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal Sagroli Sunrise project. We are happy to share that, We have achieved good timings this year. This could come in reality with your support and smart work by athletes and the coach.

Athlete 1: Ms. Arati Dudhe placed 5th in women category and 3rd in her age group – finished the race in 1:32:44 hrs.                     

Athlete 2: Dnyaneshwar Kondlade placed 17th in Men category and 7th in his age group – finished the race in 1:18:33 hrs.
We believe, these rural athletes will grab the 1st place in Men and Women, both the categories in the prestigious Mumbai Marathon in 2022.


Real Heroes CNN IBN Award for project Sagroli Sunrise

We are proud to inform you that, SSM has received Real Heroes CNN IBN Award in 2006, for its outstanding contribution to sports through Sagroli Sunrise project. The award was given away at the auspicious hands of Mukesh Ambani. Veterans like Sunil Gavaskar, Shabana Aazami, Javed Akhtar, Aamir Khan, and many other celebrities.Sagroli Sunrise 1Sagroli Sunrise





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