Financial Support to 400 Women-Farmers
11. July, 2016News & Events, Regular Updates Comments Off on Financial Support to 400 Women-Farmers


In yet another event of service to the drought affected farmers, SSM has ventured into helping those communities again. But this time, the beneficiaries are exclusively the women-farmers. The team of SSM has identified the women who practice farming as their livelihood and own very little piece of land, one or two acres. All these women are hard working and responsible members in their families. They tried at their best to pull through the life by utilizing the meager savings at their Self Help Groups but due to continuous drought for the third consecutive year, those women were not in a position to spend for pre-monsoon preparations, seeds and fertilizers any more.

400 such women from various locations, namely village Sagroli(50), Yesgi (30), Kundalwadi & Atkali (12) from Nanded district and another 300 from Latur, Parbhani and Hingoli districts were extended financial support associating with local NGO’s for the cost on seed, pesti2cides and Fertilizers.

As always, Caring Friends, Mumbai had a lion’s share of philanthropy in materializing this human service.