Dharma Donkey Sanctuary
7. July, 2013Animal Welfare Comments Off on Dharma Donkey Sanctuary

welfare13Realizing the importance of Animal Care-along with childcare, S.S.M. has recently started Animal Care program. This includes mainly dog sterilization camps, which aim not only at checking the number of stray dogs but also at preventing rabies. The programs also aim at creating a sense of animal love in children.

Donkey is still one of the major means of transportation of farm produce, construction material etc. in this area. As almost everywhere in the world, donkey in this area is the most neglected animal, abused even by its master, in spite of being the most useful animal.
Moved by the plight of donkeys the “Dharma Donkey Sanctuary” (DDS) has been set up. The Donkey sanctuary project is being initiated and supported by Mr. Ratilal and Mrs Bonny Shah of U.S.A. and Mrs. Rita Vazirani, people for Animals, Mumbai. The DDS is an independent trust. The sanctuary covers an area of 16 Acres of land adjoining the hill forest. The sanctuary was inaugurated on the 12 th Jan. 2000 at the auspicious hands of the great environmentalist Ms. Maneka Gadhi. The Hon’ble minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of india.
Vaccination Program

The activities of the sanctuary, which is still at infant stage, include providing shelter and medical care to old, wounded, pregnant and sick donkeys. Creating a sense of compassion for donkeys and other animals in the community in general and children in particular, making people aware of their duty towards animal, especially in prefenting epidemics in animal through vaccination programme. It needs necessary infrastructure like a well-equipped vet. Hospitals, shelter, vet. Medical and paramedical staff, staff quarters, water supply, electricity, ambulance etc. Contributions from the animal lovers in this context are welcome.
SSM in association with Brook Hospital , U.K. and Blue cross of Hyderabad conduct vaccination and De-worming programme twice a year at DDS. Incredible numbers of Donkeys are brought to the camps. The DDS has expanded its outreach to serve the donkeys in remote. Presently we conduct the vaccination camp at Sagroli, Mukhed, Naigaon, Atkali and Kondalwadi. Every year twice, about 10,000 donkeys are treated and vaccinated in the camps. Along with the Vaccination, diagnostic of ailment, treatment and surgeries (if needed) are also done at the camps.