Social Housing and Sanitation
7. July, 2013Our Programs Comments Off on Social Housing and Sanitation

Habitat is a dream of all human beings. 60% population is living in inhuman condition in India. The huts without toilets bath rooms and sanitation leading to hygienic problems, especially among the children. They developed an inferiority complex keeping them away from the main stream of society. The rift was broadening day by day. SSM joined hands with the organisations like Habitat For Humanity, Sakal Relief Fund, Karl kuebel Stiftung, CEVA, Jan Kalyan Samitee, CAPART, etc for low cost homes. Laxmibai Hanmant Bodke
Objective behind this is Enhancing Stability of Socio-Economically deprived communities with Pucca habitat. While constructing the houses, care has been taken to make the beneficiaries feel that they are constructing their own houses and S.S.M. is just supporting them. The beneficiaries have contributed by way of voluntary labor in foundation, refilling, curing, transport in raw material etc. to the tune of 20% of the cost.
This feeling has built a confidence in the people and brought them in the main stream. It has changed positively their way of thinking, childcare, education and health. The low-cost technology has encouraged such many shelter-less people to build their own houses.
We supported for 366 new homes with toilets, small repairing of 184 homes and 358 separate toilets till the date.
Home brought stability!
Saygonda and wife Rezabai Ambe, residents of Sagroli in Biloli taluka of Nanded district. The couple have 3 daughters. They both have to work every day on daily wages to survive the family. Everything, whatever was being earned was spent on everyday needs of the family. They were living in a hut constructed with tin shade and agricultural waste mixed with mud. They had to repair it before the onset of monsoon every year. So, couldn’t get wages of 4-5 days during repairing. The hut was so much weak, so they had to keep elder daughter with two younger sisters at home. So, they couldn’t attend school many times. They were facing problem of rats, insects, etc. They always dream to have a pucca home at their own.Vishwambhar Rajarao Ingole
One day Saygonda came to know about the Habitat project and contacted SSM. He was provided with all the information, terms and conditions. After his acceptance and the documentation procedure, his loan was sanctioned. He started the construction work on his own land. The couple worked on the site and constructed a home of two rooms, bathroom and toilet. SSM paid the amount of Rs. 25000/- in two instalments, first at the time of basement and second at the time of roofing. They also invested Rs. 25000/- from their savings and the dream came true. Now there is no problem of insects or rats, children can attend school every day, no need to repair it every year, health status increased because of toilet and bathroom attached to home and many more with happiness. They are punctual about repayment. They happily say, now we can build future of our children too.