Sagroli Sunrise
8. July, 2013Our Programs Comments Off on Sagroli Sunrise

The educational institutions, run by SSM, over the decades produced not only intellectuals but also physically strong and sound sports personalities and matchless athletes. A very long list of track records set by SSM’s sports persons at national level inspired the management towards enhancement of sports at Shardanagar, Sagroli.

‘Sagroli Sunrise’ a carefully designed sports project with specific objectives, was started by SSM in 2004. Given an opportunity, the rural youth can scale great heights of achievement in sports and bring laurels to the nation. It is ensured that they continue their interest in athletics as a career option even after their education at SSM. This is what is done at “Sagroli Sunrise”.

Under the project, select 50 young athletes from Sagroli and other villages in the area are given rigorous training by a special trainer. Special diet, food supplements and standard sports material are provided to the children. Experts in athletics are invited for giving additional inputs to the trainer and the children. The pre-set goals are as follows,

  1. To qualify for participating in National games.
  2. To qualify for participating in Asian games.
  3. To qualify for participating in Olympic Games.

Simultaneously, this team is also to participate in the national and international marathons to prove their metal from time to time.

The focus of the project is now also on finding out and training potential athletes from the tribal areas in Nanded and neighboring districts.




Real Heroes CNN IBN Award for project Sagroli Sunrise

Sagroli Sunrise 1We are proud to inform you that, SSM has received Real Heroes CNN IBN Award in 2006, for its outstanding contribution to sports through Sagroli Sunrise project. The award was given away at the auspicious hands of Mukesh Ambani. Veterans like Sunil Gavaskar, Shabana Aazami, Javed Akhtar, Aamir Khan and many other celebrities.Sagroli Sunrise





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